Jumat, 27 Februari 2015

How to decorate small bathroom

Have a small bathroom some times is a condition if we have small house. Of course we need to make priority with is most needed room at every point of view. Some family with two child would be need at least one bath room for all family member. There are many ways to decorate small bathroom looks bigger, I will share my self experience how to do it. Okay lets go with the step by step how to decorate small bathroom correctly.

  • The most primitive idea is place a big mirror at the bathroom wall. There are a lot of place suitable to hang mirror, the common place is at near wastafel. Mirror is best way to make a perception we are at the large room. This happen because mirror reflect every object at the room and then give them sight to human eyes. This effect is a great to help small bathroom.
  • The second tips is make using bright element as much as possible. Bright color work good at the small room. It’s make some feeling lighter and not heavy if we at the bright place. We can imagine it would be much better with light color rather than heavy color like black, dark blue, dark purple etc.
  • Use white ceramics at the bathroom wall is also great method. It also help us to make easier when cleaning our bath with less price and more efficient. Ceramics have competitive price, it’s cheaper than granite or stone with most advantage at many factor. To make it less cost we can using ceramic at ¾ height of the bath wall. Then use ordinary wall at the rest.
  • By using floor decorative also help us to fell better at the bathroom. It will make our focus seeing decorative element rather than seeing the room it self. When we sit at the closet there are some interesting point to see.

A lot of rest methode to make small bathroom looks bigger, but maybe this is what can i share. If all you guys have any idea fell free to put your idea at the comment section. 

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Jumat, 30 Januari 2015

The Historic Palace of Jogja Building Architecture

Jogja building architecture is one of the most attractive tourism objects for many domestic and western visitors. Since, Jogjakarta has been become as one of the most famous tourism objects in Indonesia; Jogja becomes one of destination cities which are used for spending holiday and also learning about history values. If you are going there, you must visit kinds of interesting tourism objects, like palace of Jogja building. Most of Indonesian people know about this palace and have been there for several times. This place is a palace building which has great and unique architecture based on the Java custom. The palace of Jogja building architecture is very strong with the Java architecture which has been become as the icon of Jogyakarta.

In fact, palace building with great architecture and elegant Java is located in the city center of Yogyakarta. The building was founded in 1775by Mangkubumi, who called with his name Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono I. He chose this place as a place to build the building between the Winongo River and Code River, in a drained swampy area. This palace becomes the residential of Sultan Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat or with his familiar name Sultan Hamengku Buwono I. It is also as the tradition of Hamengku buwono’s family residential. There are lots of foreigners who really attract to know more about the palace of Jogja building architecture. They really attract to learn about the meaning of building architectures, the carving, the wall paint of the building and every rooms and place in the palace.

The main building and the fundamental structure of palace is designed according to the old town of Yogyakarta landscaping. So, when you visit this palace, you will get any kinds of the culture values of Java. You can also know about the governmental structures of Jogja kingdom, the traditional things, like the traditional clothes of Java, the antique furniture, the traditional instruments, and the manners of Javanese culture. In this palace, you can see the Jogja building acrhitecture which has historic values. The architecture of Yogyakarta palace contains of strong traditional Java architecture. In addition, there are some elements of foreign cultural influences, such as the Portuguese, Dutch and Chinese. However, the Javanese culture dominates in the architecture of this palace.

The palace describes you about the traditional house of Javanese which uses the wood construction and uses a single roof in the form of a pyramid, saddle and joglo. There are two forms of the body parts of building. First, an open structure without wall covers the room and a building that uses the wall which covers the building.  At the front of building there is Joglo construction. This is typical of Javanese building. There are two types of Joglo. First, bangsal joglo is a joglo which does not cover with wall, and only use single pole. Commonly, the joglo uses as a meeting place. Then, the second type of Joglo is gedong joglo. It is covered by the wall which surrounds all parts of room. The unique and complicated ornaments also beautify this building. So, this palace approves as the best Jogja building architecture.

Sabtu, 17 Januari 2015

Kid Bedroom Design Tips

Designing and decorating your kid bedroom will show your caring to your love ones. Once, you spend your time for his or her happiness, in order of having his or her own bedroom designed in the style your kid love the most, it will make you even happier for them. You would love to do everything for their best, and it starts from decorating his or her bedroom. For kids, bedroom is not only place for them to spend the night on the bed, but also it is the place for them to spend the day with their friends. So, make them comfort with what they like is the first consideration you should keep in your mind before you finally making kid bedroom design into reality.

The theme of your kid bedroom design will determine all in all decoration you are going to make. All of decoration, one of another should be matched to generate the aesthetic image. You can make it into a simple one or sophisticated one, into an expensive and luxurious or an affordable one. It is determined by the theme you are going to have for your little kids. On the other hand, you also have to consider about their growth. Little kids will never always being kids for their entire life, they are growing. So, it is ok to make the design of the bedroom according to what your kids like, but when they grow, they don’t want to have childish items or decoration left in their private room.

After you decided the theme for your kid bedroom, now is the time for the decorating. Since, your kids is still being a children that love childish item, you can use kids toys as the decoration. You can make such kind of hook storage to place the toys in order to make it well organized and being very fashionable. Kids’ toys are very unique and various, so you can use it to enhance the appealing of their bedrooms. You don’t want make the child’s item scattered everywhere, to make it more manageable you can provide shelves beside hook storage to place the toys. It is also can be the right time for you to educate your children to always return the thing into the place where they belong to.

Besides using toys as a decoration you also can decorate the wall with paints and prints. If you would love to, you can use mural. You can select the theme for mural as your kids’ favorite character or things. You should match it with the right bright paint to make it come into perfection once it is united. Moreover about the decoration, you also can have fabric for bedroom flooring and ceiling decorating rather than only wall decoration. In addition, the decoration should not only please the eyes but also it should be has the educational function. So, in the same time you give your children exciting kid bedroom design while it is also educating your children. 

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Kamis, 08 Januari 2015

Minimalist Kitchen For Minimalism Lifestyle

Minimalist kitchen in home design will help you to overcome your problem in limited space. Being minimalist doesn’t mean you have nothing in your kitchen. It is the way you think smart to recognize what you really need and avoid unnecessary things. Having too much tools in your kitchen but it is less functional, it will only make your kitchen messy and unorganized. Minimalist kitchen is suitable for you who are living in the apartment where you have not very large space for every item you want to have to be placed there. It is doesn’t mean when you are having a luxury house where is very spacious, you can have every item put in your house. Still, you have to consider the aesthetic and functional aspects once you determine to buy and bring everything into your house.
Minimalism lifestyle is where everything should be in minimum and practice in the way you run your life. Starting from your kitchen in the living house, you can organize it to be minimalist. You can get minimalist kitchen design for your practical lifestyle. Minimalism doesn’t mean you don’t have to decorate your kitchen to be stylish as you want to be modern. You can still have the decoration attached on the wall or placing memorable items in the place you want it to be placed. It is the matter of your taste whether you want to have it or not, as long as you organize it in well design which is matching with the interior design of your kitchen and it is not becoming something excess in that place to be there.
What you should do in making minimalist kitchen is placing the item. You have to know where you will put your items. Remember, that the items you will place are used items. Choose the item that fulfills the requirement of beautiful and functional. So, it will not useless when it come to your storage in your kitchen. One more thing about placing your items, you have to have versatile storage in your kitchen. So, you can put every item that you need in one place that you don’t have to go further to get the item you need in the time. The multifunction storage will give you the advantage in your minimalist lifestyle. You will reduce the clutter of your items in your kitchen by placing them in the proper storage.
The next in living minimalism is avoiding the traps that will make your kitchen to be clutter. First, you have to avoid in having too many similar items. Second, don’t put your household items in combination. It is better for you to categorize it to make it organized well. It also will help you to remember where you place the things once you need it. Third, don’t fulfill your desire to fill the space on your kitchen with the stuff. Not every space in your kitchen will turn to be good if you such stuff, otherwise it will be clutter trap. So, those are the things to make your minimalist kitchen.

Rabu, 31 Desember 2014

Some Tricks In Home Design

Home design is the way you manage your home into proportional dreamed house. We can say that not everybody has large space for the house. Moreover, if you are living in the housing where the size has been determined means you are facing the limited space for your furniture. You need storages to put your good, you need self to arrange your books, sofa and also table are needed to put inside your house. There are a lot of things that you need and you want to occupy your living house. To make them able to enter and stay inside your house, you need large space. However, your living house has insufficient rooms to load all of your furniture. Therefore, what you have to do is doing some tricks in home design.
The trick that I am going to talk is actually the basic fundamental rules in home design. Thus, the changes what you are going to make, whether it is in the matter of wall color, furniture, windows, decorations will work for your house into a proportional design. So, your home will not too large or not too small to be felt and to be seen. It is because what make something seemed to be large and something to be small is in the matter in your eyes. Consequently, what you have to do is making an illusion to your eyes to make it smaller or bigger since, in fact, we can’t make room to be smaller if we do nothing to decrease the area, and we can make room larger if we don’t extent the space. Then, we need the tricks in home design to make your room seemed larger.  
In home design, making your home seemed larger you should use the pale color for your wall. It will create more space in your eyes. Paint your house wall with a light blue to extent the width and the height of your house. You have to void to paint your house in more than one color for your small simple house. It will only make your house seemed shorter and narrow. And if you have to lengthen your room, for example in your corridor, you can paint your house in the soft green color for both side of wall, and keep the center wall in white paint.
Another way, to make your space home looked larger is in the flooring. You should use flooring design that give much light to entire of your room. It is such kind of light reflection from the floor. Wood flooring will make your limited space looked to be more spacious. The reflection of the light gives the impression in increasing the height of your house. Furthermore, the installation design of wood flooring will create different impressions of room space. To make room looked large in width you can install the wood flooring horizontally and to make it wide in length you can install it vertically or diagonally. The important aspect is that you know what you want in home design.

Kamis, 04 Desember 2014

Jakarta will grow to the sea on 2015

Property on Jakarta still growing without improvement on public facility to make it better. Flood comes every years, crowded traffic are the main problem and not resolved yet. There is a good news from property developer Agung Podomoro Group, they plans to build a property complex on the sea with estimated budget is 55 billion rupiah. It was a good news because the city grow to the sea to reduce over crowded on the city. It would be housing complex, office, villa, shopping centre and other building functions.

Matius Jusuf, Marketing director of Pluit City said this complex was plans to build because lack of free land on the Jakarta. This is the only way to avoid over crowded and city problem on Jakarta. There are still a lot of property developer don't care about green area so the flood still the main problem. Jakarta Selatan as reservoir area filled by housing developed by property developer who don't care abut green area. 

This sea project would be begin on 2015, it's contain 10 block with 160 hectare lot size. The first phase would be start with housing project and the price each housing is 1000 million rupiah. Lets hope it's realized so Jakarta would be a lovely city with a good public facility and be a comfort city.