Kamis, 04 Desember 2014

Jakarta will grow to the sea on 2015

Property on Jakarta still growing without improvement on public facility to make it better. Flood comes every years, crowded traffic are the main problem and not resolved yet. There is a good news from property developer Agung Podomoro Group, they plans to build a property complex on the sea with estimated budget is 55 billion rupiah. It was a good news because the city grow to the sea to reduce over crowded on the city. It would be housing complex, office, villa, shopping centre and other building functions.

Matius Jusuf, Marketing director of Pluit City said this complex was plans to build because lack of free land on the Jakarta. This is the only way to avoid over crowded and city problem on Jakarta. There are still a lot of property developer don't care about green area so the flood still the main problem. Jakarta Selatan as reservoir area filled by housing developed by property developer who don't care abut green area. 

This sea project would be begin on 2015, it's contain 10 block with 160 hectare lot size. The first phase would be start with housing project and the price each housing is 1000 million rupiah. Lets hope it's realized so Jakarta would be a lovely city with a good public facility and be a comfort city.